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Why should the battery be divided into soft and hard packets? Jun 13, 2018

The technical bottleneck of the development of smart phones is in the battery performance. Then, what is the bottleneck of the batteries of digital products? Why does the battery of digital products be divided into soft and hard packets? What is the actual meaning? The following is explained at the level of popular science.

The battery of digital products is the bottleneck of the development of new energy vapor phones. At present, the battery performance indicators of digital products can not meet the requirements of long-term use of mobile phones.

How to crack the bottleneck of the digital product battery?

In summary, there are three measures: (1) Mobile phones, which use lightweight materials (high-strength glass, aluminum alloy, etc.) to lighten the structure of the entire body so that they can hold heavier batteries. 2 charging facilities, some manufacturers study fast charging technology, and some manufacturers try to "change" electric technology. 3Battery manufacturers of digital products, from the battery material (positive, negative, etc.) to tackle, increase its specific energy.

At present, light weight, fast charging, and "replacement" of electricity have their own effects, but there is limited room for improvement and they cannot be continuously promoted. The most promising battery manufacturers for digital products are battery materials (positive, negative, etc.) ) To tackle the problem, the effect is more objective and sustainable. The battery manufacturers improve step-by-step from battery outsourcing (soft packs, hard packs) and battery packs.

Digital product battery packaging structure is also a concrete measure to crack the bottleneck

The battery of digital products is divided into two kinds: soft and hard. The hard package is subdivided into: cylindrical and square. The package structure has its own advantages and disadvantages. The basic intention is to meet the different requirements of the market. Looking at market trends, the share of soft pack batteries is getting higher and higher, which is estimated to exceed 50%.

1) Cylindrical lithium battery Features: 1 cylindrical lithium battery production process is mature, a high degree of automated production, PACK lower cost; 2 more models. 18650, 21700, 26500, etc.; 3 Cylindrical batteries are available in many forms, suitable for the full layout of the electric mobile phone space design; 4 Cylindrical battery packs have a large heat dissipation area, and generally the steel shell or the aluminum shell has a relatively low specific energy.

2) Square lithium battery cell features: aluminum square and cylindrical aluminum shell in general, the protective effect of the battery is better than aluminum plastic film battery (ie, soft-packed batteries), battery safety relative cylindrical battery also Larger improvements; however, consistency guarantees are more difficult, too many models, difficult to uniform processes, suitable for customized production, inconvenient for automated production of battery packs.

3) Li-Polymer Lithium Battery Cell Features: Soft-pack battery is another name for polymer battery. Compared with cylindrical battery, it has many advantages such as small size, light weight, high specific energy, high safety, flexible design and so on. advantage. 1 The weight of the soft pack battery is 40% lighter than that of the same capacity steel shell lithium, 20% lighter than the aluminum shell battery; 2 Large capacity. Soft-battery batteries are 10 to 15% higher in capacity than steels of the same size, and 5 to 10% higher than aluminum-shell batteries. 3 small internal resistance. The internal resistance of the soft pack battery is smaller than that of the lithium battery. At present, the internal resistance of the domestic soft pack battery core can be as low as 35mΩ or less, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the battery. 4 design flexibility. The shape of the soft pack battery can be customized according to the customer's needs and develop new battery models.

The soft lithium battery meets the basic direction of increasing specific energy and is an effective measure to crack the bottleneck. Mobile phone manufacturers want digital products battery packs, do not understand the batteries, it is best to communicate with the battery manufacturers of digital products, the general direction is to promote soft pack batteries.