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Battery for Samsung

  • Samsung S4 Battery Replacement

    Samsung S4 Battery Replacement

    Products advantages: (1) Our own brand : WST. (2) Can produce different grades for you. The best quality is WST Its Capacity is higher than original 50-200mAh. Quality is best. (3) New models be updated fast. Every month at least 10 models.

  • Samsung J2 Battery Replacement

    Samsung J2 Battery Replacement

    Product introduction of Samsung j2 battery replacement The key to building a long-lasting battery is making it bigger. The bigger battery, with more capacity, means longer battery life. When we design a portable product, every tenth of a millimeter is precious. The challenge,...

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Replacement

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Replacement

    Characteristic of samsung galaxy s3 battery replacement 1.Fashionable and new products 2.exquisite and portable 3.charged intelligently 4.load recognized automatically 5.multiple safety protection circuit program 6.with overcharge, over discharge, over current and circuit...

  • Samsung Phone Battery

    Samsung Phone Battery

    The so-called business battery is actually a mobile phone battery (including smart phone batteries such as Iphone), which is an innovative product of ordinary mobile phone batteries on the market. It differs from ordinary mobile phone batteries in that it looks high in...

  • Samsung Galaxy Battery

    Samsung Galaxy Battery

    With the promotion of social energy conservation and environmental protection, more and more environmentally friendly products have been applied to the market. In the battery industry, the ternary lithium battery quickly occupied the market with numerous advantages and...

  • Samsung Battery Replacement

    Samsung Battery Replacement

    After the Galaxy Note 7 explosion door, Samsung can be said to be very cautious in the choice of mobile phone battery. If there is another problem on the Galaxy S8, the trust of Samsung mobile phone will become a huge problem. Considering the battery defect of the Galaxy Note...

  • Samsung S5 Battery Replacement

    Samsung S5 Battery Replacement

    Introduction of samsung s5 battery replacement: In the use of lithium batteries, it should be noted that after the battery is placed for a period of time, it enters a sleep state. At this time, the capacity is lower than the normal value, and the use time is also shortened....

  • Note 4 Battery Replacement

    Note 4 Battery Replacement

    Introduction of note 4 battery replacement: Good safety performance: WST lithium battery uses aluminum-plastic flexible packaging in structure, which is different from metal casing of liquid battery. Once a safety hazard occurs, ordinary batteries are easy to explode, and WST...

  • Replacement Samsung S4 Battery

    Replacement Samsung S4 Battery

    Introduction of samsung s4 battery replacement Large capacity: WST battery is 10~15% higher than steel shell battery of the same size and 5~10% higher than aluminum shell battery. Small internal resistance: The internal resistance of WST cell is smaller than that of general...

  • Samsung Note 4 Battery Replacement

    Samsung Note 4 Battery Replacement

    Introduction of samsung note 4 battery replacement: Voltage: 3.8V Capacity: 3000mAh Weight: 42.2g Dimension: 97*42*5mm Specifications of samsung note 4 battery replacement: product name for Samsung galaxy note 4 battery Compatible Model for Samsung galaxy note 4 battery...

  • Samsung Galaxy A7 Battery Replacement

    Samsung Galaxy A7 Battery Replacement

    Introduction of samsung galaxy a7 battery replacement: lithium polymer backup battery for samsung galaxy a7 1. Battery model:EB-BA700ABE 2. Normal capacity: 2600mAh 3. Compatible model: samsung galaxy a7 4. Batteries with double-protection IC and NTC PCB offer...

  • Battery For Samsung Galaxy S3

    Battery For Samsung Galaxy S3

    battery for samsung galaxy s3 Introduction: Model: For Samsung I9300 Capacity: 2100mAh Voltage: 3.7V/4.2V Battery type: Li-ion mobile battery Cell quality: Super/AAA/AA/A Charge life cycle: Over 500 times Standby time: 72~120 hours Battery quality: CE, FCC,RoSH, MSDS...

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Find quality and eco-friendly battery for Samsung made in China with WST which is one of the professional battery manufacturers and suppliers in China. All battery for Samsung products offered in our factory have passed CE, FCC, MSDS BIS certification. Please rest assured to buy.