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Cook Said:release A Update,don't Get Your Battery Replaced Jan 20, 2018

Apple CEO Mike Cook said recently that Apple Inc. will release a software update that will allow users to turn off features that will slow the battery down and slow the iPhone.

Timothy Donald Cook said the previously promised feature to check battery health will be added to the iOS developer beta next month. In the meantime, he said Apple will allow users to manually disable Apple's spin-off strategy in this update.

According to reports, Cook said on the 17th that Apple will release a beta version of iOS software next month to show users the battery health status and allow users to turn off a feature to prevent users from using the older battery when the iPhone will suddenly shut down , So that users slow down the phone.

Cook said the feature that slows down phones was released in 2017 to ensure that iPhone users do not suddenly shut down during important phone calls or text messages because of a cell phone battery.

"After the update, the handset informs the relevant user that the handset performance will be reduced to avoid unexpected reboots and may be turned off if the user does not need it," Cook said, "but we do not recommend shutting down." We think the iPhone in the user's handset is very important to them and no one knows when an emergency will happen and our actions are to serve the users. "

It is reported that Apple spokesman Cook Cook's comments do not want to make any comment, did not disclose when to provide consumers with this software update.

While Apple has said it will soon release an update that will let users see their battery health and even deactivate Apple's automatic slowdowns on the processor, we still recommend getting your battery replaced.

It'll cost a little and you'll have a fresh battery pack and a phone running at full speed again. Just know that you might need to wait a bit before they're in stock.