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Excellent Performance, WST Extraction USB PD Charger Power Bank Feb 05, 2018

With the popularization of Type-C interface,

PD fast charging protocol is also widely used in a variety of mobile devices,

Such as Macbook, MacBook Pro, Google Pixel, Switch, Millet 6 and other electronic products.

In the fiery PD agreement, WST team introduced a PD full protocol charger Power bank.

When the PD protocol is powered using the Type-C output on the left, a blue LED lights up next to it.

With the popularity of Type-C interfaces and PD fast charging protocols, the need for fast charging has become a must. WST PD charger, small size, multi-interface support for input, the output, a Type-C port supports buck, the use of only 12V car access or only 12V output power adapter, the same You can use high-voltage charging, which is rare in its class. In power, you can easily break 18W. The agreement, the three interface protocol is very comprehensive, covering almost all of the fast charge agreement on the market.