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Girl, If You Can, Find A Power Bank The Same Boyfriend Together. Dec 19, 2017

When you are physically exhausted, feeling extremely bad, just "I want to charge", he will be able to flew to your side and tell you "Come here, I am here."

No matter when, his battery capacity will always be full, charging authority only open to you, help you to recover without reservation.

In recent days, this story was heat online:

Girls home paralyzed after work, about to throw the boy down on the sofa, the boy is very sad, Q: What are you doing?

Girl impatiently said: charging.

This scene makes people think love is sweet, "boyfriend" also suddenly have the weight of the three words, he is useful, you can rely on.

There are many ways he charges you, but each one is a proof of love for you.


Many girls were wronged outside, did not speak back home, so daze pitifully stood.

And he can always read, you want only a big bear hug, let the wounded person in his arms beach.

Embrace feeling so good, that is the comfort of the body, earthly reward.

He had a nice smell, and the heartbeat of both of them became the same when he was holding him, becoming extremely gentle.

When I love him, I hope that I will live a young life, and I will crave the moment when I embrace it.

One of the most wonderful things in the world is when you're holding you, you want to be tighter.


Today's girl in the office in discussing the boyfriend the most charming moments, one of the girls said:

"Of course it was a touch of head, and every time I was touched, I would drill into his arms like a kitten, and if he would say something in my ear, I would really like to marry him immediately."

Girls are like to find a boy who has the most adorable boy, estimated to want to enjoy this treatment all the time.

Inadvertently a touch, in fact, accumulated his gentle world.

When the girl is touched, she will immediately be surrounded by a huge sense of security, to enjoy the love and comfort he brings.

"Help you relax"

At the end, I believe many people remember one thing that happened on Weibo.

Netizens in a small lover opened tea shop line up to buy milk, near the evening, the girls exposed tired color, said: Today really tired ah, long time no rest.

After the boys hesitated, they hesitated and said something to everyone: I'm sorry, everybody today. The shop was stanky and my girlfriend needed a rest.

The girl was stunned at the time, she had just wanted to comfort her boyfriend, but he actually even in order to let her rest and business is not done.

Just look at her moment of influx of tears, stop living head buried in the boys arms sobs.

Those who are still waiting in line to buy milk tea, although the White waited a moment, but accidentally being tied, quietly dispersed, so that the couple can take a good rest.


Every time you touch your eyes, he involuntarily with drowsiness, it is because at a see you he could not suppress the heart.

When the girl is in a bad state, a gentle look of the boy can make her full power instantly.

A friend of mine is frosty in the face of anyone, a hard-to-reach look.

But every time I see him with my wife phone, meet, can change for a second, "fans", laughing like a fool.

"Accompanied by"

Once saw a girl's words in the movie:

"If one day I crumbled and did not even cry out of strength, could you not ask anything, say nothing, but be with me."

I guess many girls have said this sentence - "stay with me."

As for what to do, where to go, you do not care at all.

As long as he is around, you feel at ease, he is also willing to pass all the energy to you.

"Kiss your hands"

When a boy gently lift your hands, you want to kiss down, must have moved the true feelings.

All his treasures for you are in this action. His cautious look, as if kissing a precious treasure.

His lips fall over your hands, a shallow kiss is a love of charging, but also the most gentle confession.

When you put your hand in his hand, you promised to be with him.

When he took your hand and kissed it, he promised to be good to you all his life.

What is the meaning of love? It is simple "I want to be good to you".

See you are not happy, reluctant to bear your displeasure alone.

The time with him, always so bright. Because the weather is good, because the weather is not good, because the weather is just right, the most important thing is to be together.

When you are tired and tired, he is willing to make a rechargeable treasure, charge you, cheer for you, and then accompany you to start again.

So,before find a boyfiend,buy a WST power bank.