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IOS 11.3: Increased Battery Health Controls CPU Performance Mar 06, 2018

Someone who understands Apple's recent iPhone downgrade, which everyone knows, is aware that the company added CPU-lowering features to a previous system update to keep older device users from accidentally shutting down their phone. Apple said that because the battery will deteriorate with the growth of the use of mobile phones, it will not be able to provide the required amount of power when the peak performance of the device, this time, the phone may restart.

In response to this phenomenon, Apple came up with a way to avoid a restart by automatically reducing CPU performance. However, after this news was exposed, many users and even the government questioned this. To this end, Apple later announced the iPhone battery replacement costs dropped from 79 US dollars to 29 US dollars.

Now, the company also decided to add a feature called Battery Health to the upcoming release of iOS 11.3. Users can find in Settings - Battery.


After turning on Battery Health, users see two options, Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capability.


Maximum capacity - it will show a percentage, lower capacity will mean shorter usage time;


Peak Performance - It tells the user how the CPU is running, and if the device battery is healthy then it will show "Your battery currently supports conventional peak performance." If the battery life is not good, it shows "This iPhone has started to unexpectedly shut down because the battery does not provide the necessary peak power." This means that the device needs to reduce the CPU at this time, but the user can choose not to do so Let the CPU continue to run at full speed. If you choose to run at full speed, the device will pop up a hint that the device may not provide peak power and that an unexpected shutdown may occur.


According to Apple, the iPhone has reduced its battery capacity to 80% after it has done 500 normal full charges.