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IPhone Battery Detection Software Oct 26, 2017

iPhone battery for the change did not? Many friends with the iPhone, after a period of time will find life has declined, which may be caused by battery attenuation. If it is determined that the battery problem, then it is time to change the battery! So how can I check out the iPhone's battery health? Use iPhone battery detection software to detect it. This topic for everyone to bring the iPhone battery test software download, you need a friend may wish to see!

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360 battery doctor:

360 battery doctor is launched by the odd tiger 360 a free professional battery management applications. Its main features are as follows:

1. Accurate power display and battery life estimation

2. Full scientific charge control and management

3. Professional and detailed battery maintenance knowledge

4. warm and intimate tips, suggesting that the power and the state and time of charging

5. View the device information and system process information, a better reasonable power-saving configuration

6. Simple, easy to use, elegant user experience

7. Support iOS6, support iPhone5 and iPod touch5

Battery Doctor Professional Edition:

Battery Doctor Professional Edition is the product you are looking for. It provides full-featured battery maintenance and day-to-day management. It is currently the only software on the App Store that supports full loop charging. And it is a very simple thing to use it to complete a full cycle of charging. Full cycle charge and trickle charge can enhance battery life.

Display the available time

The program will display the available time (exact to minutes) in your daily state depending on the device and current power. Currently offers more than 20 kinds of use. You can also customize the display of important entries. Our data is more accurate than other software. 

Fully cycle charge

Let your battery charge be used up to 20%, run the program, and then plug the charging cable to start charging, the program will begin to fully cycle charge. Everything left to the battery doctor to deal with. This is an innovative charging technology that allows charging to be more accurate and you can view the time required for charging each state during charging. 

Process Monitoring?

This feature allows you to monitor all applications and processes running in the background to see what is consuming your battery. Click "How to use" to teach you how to force off those power programs. • Battery Percentage • Designed for all iPod users, the iPod can also be used to display the percentage of power in the upper right of the status bar. (Note: this function is only valid when the program is running.)  

Create a theme with any photo?

Now you can create your own theme with any photo. The log log keeps track of the time, type, and power changes you charge each time, and counts the number of times you have a regular charge and a full cycle charge. ?


Here will provide a lot about how to correctly use your battery information, and through some set of skills, can be a certain increase in battery life.  

Certification Support Device: iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod 2, iPod 3, iPod 4, iPad 1 and iPad 2 Supported Operating Systems: iOS 4.0 or later

Battery maintenance master:

Battery maintenance master to provide you with a lot of battery status information, the software is very well known by a domestic university doctoral tutor team joint research development, to solve the complete redemption of the battery power requirements, the use of our software, whether you Of the battery power in what state, you can directly open the charge, charging process, you can exit, you can put the background, or even restart the application after the restart, the application can always detect the battery status, thus selecting the charging mode.

Key Features - 

Battery status is full, whether to charge, or battery is abnormal. 

Full cycle charge fast charge to 100%, and then slow charge to full, the final trickle charge until finished. 

Battery health Apple official data show: iPhone battery the correct maintenance, after 400 cycles charge and discharge, 80% of the original battery charging capacity can be retained. 

When you use this program, you will find more interesting and useful features.