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IPhone Slowdown Drama Latest News: Replacing Apple Battery Reservation Waiting Time Longer Mar 05, 2018

Although Apple's battery replacement plan today is not a big news, things have changed. Waiting times have increased for customers who have changed their iPhone batteries in recent weeks, even as Apple has struggled to secure its supply of batteries. The average waiting time for early February was around 2-4 weeks, and it has now taken longer to reach 3-5 weeks.


One of the stores had a wait time of up to 10 weeks, as users of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus hit the brunt of the iPhone slowdown drama, resulting in the fastest battery consumption on both phones , And those users just need both cell phone battery. Now iPhone 6S the fastest battery had to wait until 6 weeks to successfully replace the new battery.


However, newer models such as iPhone7 are expected to be replaced on the spot. As for the iPhone 8, it is estimated that the battery has not aged to the extent necessary to replace it.

Apple's exposure to this incident is not enough, as an effective complement to consumers can try our high-capacity alternative batteries to ensure that no disappointment.