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Lithium Battery Raw Materials: Tight Supply Of Cobalt Products, Lithium Salt Price Increases Mar 07, 2018

This week, international cobalt prices continued to rise, prompting a sharp rise in offer prices of cobalt products after the holiday. Positive material manufacturers resumed production this week. The two sides are still testing each other and the actual transactions are relatively sporadic. The international quotations are expected to appear in large quantities in mid-March.

Lithium, the second-tier lithium supplier this week, pushing up actively, offer a steady supply of first-tier suppliers, cathode materials manufacturers gradually restored, is expected next week there will be large quantities.

Electrolytic Cobalt: Accelerated by the International Cobalt Price Rise. After the holiday, domestic producers, speculators and importers sharply increased their prices in line with each other. The overall market is still under pressure. However, some individuals just need to lock in the transaction to maintain their production, The downstream helpless hope cobalt price stability It seems very rare now, the international price of electrolytic cobalt current price of 93700-95750 US dollars / ton, the average price rose last week 3780 US dollars / ton.

Cobalt and nickel salts: International cobalt prices are still on the rise during the month of February. Most smelter products have been locked by ternary precursor manufacturers prior to the holiday season. Currently, a large number of spot stocks for sale are scarce and the terms of payment are more stringent. This week

Cobalt sulfate in Zhejiang rose to 21.26 US dollars / kg, cobalt chloride price rose to 24.40 US dollars / kg. In terms of transactions, cobalt sulfate has already exceeded $ 20.50 / kg. The price of cobalt chloride hit $ 23.60 / kg.

Nickel, nickel raw materials also continued to rise, in some areas the price of nickel sulfate rose to 4330 US dollars / ton. International Price Current price of cobalt chloride 23.60 US dollars / kg, the average price rose 1.26 US dollars last week / kg. International price of cobalt sulfate price of 20.50 US dollars / kg, the average price rose last week 1.4 US dollars / kg. International price nickel sulfate price of 43 million US dollars / ton -4500 US dollars / ton, the average price rose last week 157 US dollars / ton.

Cobalt tetroxide: mainstream four cobalt manufacturers offer more maintenance before the holiday 75 US dollars / kg, last month the transaction price of 68 yuan / kg, to this week has more than 71 US dollars / kg of the transaction. However, part of the lithium cobalt acid manufacturers agreed strategically inventory before the holiday, trading volume this week is not large. International Price Cobalt tetroxide current price of 71 US dollars / kg, the average price rose 3.3 US dollars / kg last week .

Cobalt oxide: This week the mainstream cobalt oxide market suppliers offer rose to 68 US dollars / kg or more. Cobalt oxide market for the seller led the actual transaction price was raised. Rare earth permanent magnet industry sources said that cobalt oxide prices rise too fast, or will speed up the market for cobalt oxide alternatives NdFeB use. The current international price of cobalt oxide price of 64.7 US dollars / kg, the average price rose 3 US dollars last week / kg.

Cobalt powder: The mainstream cobalt cobalt price continued to rise this week. The mainstream manufacturers offer rose to 113.5 US dollars / kg, the downstream passively accepted this week, the transaction price exceeded 107.2 US dollars / kg. The international price of cobalt powder price of 108 US dollars / kg, the average price rose last week 5.5 US dollars / kg.

?Ternary precursors: precursor suppliers are afraid of cobalt salts continued to rise, with the price of cobalt sulfate significantly raise the price of testing downstream ternary materials manufacturers acceptance. In some areas, the price of ternary precursors rose to 22.4 U.S. dollars / kg. However, the cost of raw materials, nickel and cobalt up conduction still take some time this week 523 dynamic ternary precursor on the probe price of 21.8 US dollars / kg. International quotation of ternary precursors (523 type) price of 21.8 US dollars / kg, the average price rose 0.95 US / kg dollars last week.

Lithium carbonate: Lithium carbonate prices this week held steady. Lithium carbonate suppliers to create a positive signal to raise prices, cathode materials manufacturers to wait and see more. International price lithium carbonate price of 23,660 US dollars / ton, the average price unchanged from last week.

Lithium cobalt oxide: Lithium cobalt oxide prices this week, driven by the gradual transfer of four Cobalt quotes landing. Despite the off-season digital electronics, but cobalt-based raw materials continued to rise, lithium cobalt oxide battery manufacturers passive acceptance. International Price 4.35V cobalt acid

Lithium price of 70 US dollars / kg, the average price rose 2 US/ kg dollars last week .

Three materials: March cobalt raw materials continued to rise, the mainstream suppliers of ternary materials are still delivered early orders this week, not yet raised the price, some manufacturers raise quotes, but said the 523 model dynamic current transaction price is difficult to break 34.7 US dollars / kg . International offer ternary materials (523 type) price of 34-35 US dollars / kg, the average price rose 0.79 US dollars/ kg last week .

Lithium iron phosphate: After February, the mainstream price of lithium iron phosphate (power type) remained at 12.6-14.2 USD / kg, unchanged from February. From March onwards, each lithium iron phosphate manufacturers gradually increase the workload, the international offer phosphoric acid Lithium iron price of 12.6-14.2 US dollars / kg, the average price unchanged from last week.

Outlook forecast: International Price forecast cobalt prices will remain high for a while. The core logic is that fundamentals, cobalt salt supply and demand there is no gap, cobalt price rise too fast, will promote the positive material industry reshuffle, but also blind expansion of cathode material capacity to play a restraining effect, the real effective demand will be More prominent. In addition, Cobalt 27, an overseas cobalt investment company, has mastered almost 3,000 tons of real cobalt, saying it will focus its future investments on cobalt mines to be put into operation instead of continuing to stock up on cobalt, which is considered as an indication by the international quotation Hoard speculators speculation for a period of time to reduce the risk of cobalt prices.