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Mobile Phone Iphone Battery Fix Power Runs Fast? You May Have Entered An Erroneous Zone! Nov 02, 2017

    Here is a question for everyone - we have 12 hours for activity every day, how long will you spend on electronic products? Do you suddenly feel that you have been kidnapped by these electronic things?

    We must admit that all kinds of electronic products do help us greatly enhance our life efficiency. No wonder we spend so much time on it. However, electronic products’ quick consumption of power becomes our headache.

    Today, let’s talk about some iphone battery fix problem that many people would ask.

Q1: Must we charge the iphone battery fix for 12 hours after fully discharge at the first time?

    As for Lithium-ion iphone battery fix, the answer is no! The smart phone and laptop you are now using, do not have to suffer this! Then where does the saying "at the first charge, we need to use the phone till it is shut down, and then we charge him for 12-hour till we fully charge it and activate the external battery" come from? This saying just apply to the phones that use nickel-cadmium batteries, which have memory effect.

Popularization - Memory Effect

      Charging the Nickel-cadmium batteries in the state of incomplete discharge will lead to the electrode plate on the proliferation of crystals after a long time use, blocking the contact between the electrolyte and the electrode plate, resulting in the decline of iphone battery fix voltage, making the users feel that the external battery will soon run out of power. The Lithium batteries are not affected by the memory effect. In short, this way of charging does no good to lithium batteries!

Q2: What is the effect of the extreme temperature on the iphone battery fix?

    First of all, ultra-low temperature will certainly affect the iphone battery fix life! Those who live in the north must have deep feelings. The power would quickly be consumed in the winter. But the impact of low temperature on the phone is generally temporary. Real cell phone killer is high temperature above 40 degrees!

    Simply speaking: the higher the temperature is, the faster the lithium iphone battery fix capacity loss would be, and this loss is irreversible, that is to say, the external battery capacity will permanently get small. So, it’s better that we don’t play mobile phones while we go outside in the summer. High temperature is one of the biggest culprits of the fast consumption of mobile phone power!

Q3: Will the iphone battery fix explode if we continue to charge when it’s fully charged?

    It would not happen to the good quality batteries. After it’s fully charged, there would not be charge current even if we do not unplug the cable. (The iphone battery fix design has been very perfect now). We are more accustomed to plug in the cable while we are using and often do not unplug the plug. Although leting the external battery at the state of full charge for a long time indeed would make the battery become passivated, the impact is almost negligible. But we still need to pay attention to the heat dissipation problem.

While charging, we should try to avoid putting the phone or the computer on the quilt or the pillow, keeping the cooling holes open, make it convenient to release heat. In short, we should help keeping the battery away from high temperature, or electricity will be consumed faster and faster!

    In addition to professional theory, there are still a variety of probability of risk for the iphone battery fix, so even the enterprise with the world's highest market value - Apple, never guarantee in the external battery area. Let alone Apple such kind of overseas big company, there are still many manufacturers in our country which supply high quality batteries. Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology CO., Ltd, for example. Having been supplying batteries and all kinds of power banks for 18 years, WST has become a big brand at home and well-known abroad as well. With strict quality control, it has gained quite big market share in this area.