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MWC 2018 Wireless Charging Technology Features: 7.5W, 10W Is Still The Mainstream Mar 01, 2018

Although a few years ago, several brands of mobile phones in use, but the development has been very slow, especially to the USB bare 

waterproof technology matures, the wireless charging function is short-lived disappear from the market. In the newly released mobile phone 

Apple began using wireless charging function, Android camp several major manufacturers have also started to extensive use of wireless 

charging function, and some even equipped with a wireless fast charge technology.

It can be seen in this MWC2018 that wireless charging has become the standard of new smartphones. Whether it is Samsung that has supported 

new wireless phones in recent years, or Nokia, LG or even Sony. Following the 5G communication technology, artificial intelligence, wireless 

charging has become another highlight of this MWC.

LG release their first mobile phone with wireless charging support, V30s THINQ. The new machine is basically the same as the previous V30 + configuration, but it adds many new technologies such as MLCD + display technology and new LG Lens features to the V30 +. MLCD + display technology can make this piece of OLED screen consume less power, and the brightness becomes higher; LG Lens will enhance the camera double camera quality.

Nokia released two models of Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco that support wireless charging. The former charging test can be generally referred to the charging head network release Nokia 7 plus charging test support Qualcomm QC3.0 fast charge. Nokia 8 Sirocco battery is 3260mAh, supports QC 4.0 fast charge and wireless charging, and canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Samsung S9, S9 + in the S8, S8 + based on the conservative upgrade version, equipped with Snapdragon 845 / Exynos 9810 SoC, wired fast charge is still only using QC2.0 standards, wireless charging up to 10W power.

SONY XZ2 is the first international panel phone to support wireless charging since Sony Mobile Integration. Although this Swedish team designed the phone as a whole, it did not waver in its position as a flagship phone that supports wireless charging. In wireless charging, it supports 9W of wireless charging power.

GIONEE also exhibited previously released M7 Plus, is China's first mobile phone to support wireless fast charge. E-Charging Inc. (CPS) developed a wireless charging system for the GIONEE M7 Plus smartphone and GIONEE wireless fast charge pad with power of up to 10W.

As early as MWC2018 before the opening, there have been several international 15W wireless charging panel available, the fourth largest US carrier has been selling Verizon wireless charging pad products, it is the world's first by Extended Power Profile standard certification 15W Wireless Charger. In addition before there is news that LG will launch a 15W wireless charging board, said 30 minutes can be filled with 50% of the battery. China also has a lot of manufacturers introduced 15W wireless charger, showing that no matter what the international market, fast charging wireless charging board competition is quite intense.

However, it is also important that the final charging power, in addition to its relationship with the output, be how much power the phone can support for maximum input. At present, the mainstream mobile phones that support wireless charging receive power of 5W to 7.5W, some of which can reach about 10W, and are basically Basic Power Profile standards. LG said in 16 years will launch a wireless charging power of 15W wireless charging pad, and LG mobile phone wireless charging power in the flagship phone, including the mobile phone released by MWC, including the side by side are not in the forefront.

7.5W, 10W is still the mainstream.