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Outlook Of The Future Of Cell Phone External Battery Technology Nov 20, 2017

Electricity is no doubt the greatest human discovery, and now we can not leave it anymore. In the field of consumer electronics, any digital product also depends on the cell phone external battery, at the same time, people also hope that the phone battery life can be longer and reduce the time for charging. The charging technology is urgently in need of evolution, now let's foresee the most promising new battery and charging technology.

Super capacitor

Supercapacitors is most possibly the next generation of cell phone external battery technology. First, it stores energy in the electric field, which means it can withstand more charging and discharging cycles. At present, many technology companies are developing super capacitors, its battery capacity is 50% higher than the current lithium cell battery.

The power of the environment

There are many ways to get electricity. The elements around you can even be converted into energy. For example, sound, there is a technology that can convert sound into electricity from a nano-generator and provide power to the power mobile phones. Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered a way to absorb dew from the air and convert it to electricity. The world is amazing, and with the constant deepening of scientists, perhaps many elements around us can provide energy.

Airborne wireless charging

The existence of wireless charging technology like Qi, to a certain extent, reduce the cumbersome operation of charging the device. We do not need to find the data cable to connect our phone. It’s very convenient. Of course, this kind of coil-based wireless charging still requires the device to be in contact with the charging dock and can not really be regard as "wireless." The emergence of uBeam air wireless charging technology, make the transmission of energy through microwave become possible. At certain distance, a true wireless air-conditioned experience is achieved, the device no longer needs to touch the charging cradle, which make it much more convenient.

In the future perhaps electrical energy signal can be transmitted in the air like WiFi, cellular networks. Charging would become very simple.

Biology power generation

Human beings are a kind of creature that can continuously generate energy by itself, and these energies may in fact be transformed into electricity. The Bill Gates Foundation currently develops a technology that extracts electrical energy from human urine called "microbial fuel cells". What’s more, there are silicon-based structures that incorporate nanofilms that create a friction on the skin to generate electricity, it's suitable to be used as an energy source for wearable devices.

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