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Samsung S9/S9+: Qualcomm 845 High Performance Mar 30, 2018

What is the king? king, it is far more powerful than what you need, complete explosion of the performance of the same level of products ... even brought unprecedented, subversion of the past experience. In March of this year, the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ series in the Android camp was on schedule. We will wait and see if it can successfully inherit the throne.

Routine is currently the most powerful configuration, the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ series state line version equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, which S9/S9+ are equipped with 4GB/6GB RAM, storage space are 64GB and 128GB version, S9+ more There are 256GB top version choices.

The camera is the highlight of Samsung’s flagship. Samsung S9 is no exception. Front 8 million pixels, rear 12 million pixel optical image stabilization main lens, full-pixel dual-core focus, with adjustable aperture. Based on the former, the S9+ also incorporates a telephoto dual-camera combination. The sub-camera is also available with 12 million pixels and has dual OIS optical image stabilization.

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Configuration Parameters

Model Samsung Galaxy S9               Samsung Galaxy S9+

CPU   Snapdragon 845 processor

RAM   4GB                             6GB

ROM   64GB/128GB/256GB (supports up to 400GB Micro SD slot)

Screen 5.8 inches                     6.2 inches

Resolution Quad HD Level (2960*1440)

Front camera 8 million pixels, F1.7

Rear camera 12 million pixels (with OIS optical image stabilization) Dual 12 million pixels (double OIS optical image stabilization)

System Android 8.0

Battery capacity 3000mAh              3500mAh


147.7mm×68.7mm×8.5mm 163g           158.1mm×73.8mm×8.5mm 189g

Network standard Support 4X4 MIMO / CA, LAA, LTE Cat.18

Features Iris recognition, Bixby, NFC, 960 frame shooting, iris, IP68 waterproof, wireless charging

On the hardware side, the Samsung S9 and S9+ battery capacities are 3000mAh and 3500mAh, respectively, all supporting wireless charging. The body supports IP68 waterproof, and equipped with AKG tuning dual speakers, NFC, wireless charging module. Run a Samsung custom system based on Android 8.0, providing Bixby voice assistant functionality.

In terms of configuration, the Samsung S9 series is already luxurious enough, and all the features of the flagship are fully equipped.

Appearance: screen accounting ratio, feel rounded

As the latest flagship product of the Samsung Gaileshi series, the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ continues its consistent innovation philosophy. The front panel is very similar to the previous generation S8/S8+. The proportion of screens that are still perverted is still perverted by the design of the curved screen.

S9 series on the basis of the previous generation of what improvements are made, first of all Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 + fingerprint identification is no longer flush with the camera, but moved to the bottom of the camera, reducing the probability of the user's inadvertent touch while also avoiding the finger will Pollution camera situation. The camera is no longer raised, almost level with the back of the glass, which is enough to let you love the S9/S9+.

With the same 18.5:9 ratio Curved Super AMOLED screen as the S8/S8+, the Curved Super AMOLED display is extremely colorful, giving every point of the screen a colorful look. The resolutions are 2960×1440, 5.8 inch and 6.2 inch screens, each with 570PPI and 529PPI high resolution. The arc of the screen is smoother than the previous generation, the field of vision is increased, and the feel is also more comfortable.

The colorful color scheme gives users more choices: Mystery Night Black, Rhineland Blue, and a new color palette that appeals to female consumers - purple.

Samsung once again compressed the area of the forehead and chin, and the fact that the hyperboloids inherently gave people an illusion of no borders was equally shocking, but this time it was thicker and heavier than the previous generation. See the parameters for details. Table, but the feeling of being heavy in the hand is not so offensive

Materials, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge on both sides of the double-sided 3D glass plus metal box design, double glass design excellence is self-evident, in addition to more stylish texture, but also to avoid the antenna cutting, so that the back of the machine Oneness is stronger. Disadvantages are also more obvious, such as more slippery. The middle frame is also polished with a bright surface similar to stainless steel, which makes the whole machine look more eye-catching and brings a more unified feel to the front and rear glass.

The speakers of the Samsung mobile phone deserve a separate mention because the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ is still undergoing a major upgrade. The S9/S9+ is equipped with AKG's carefully tuned stereo two-speaker. The bottom speaker we saw turned into a hole. One-piece strips that support Dolby Sound and provide a 360-degree panoramic sound experience. And comes with AKG tuning headphones, is the rare flagship model that still retains 3.5mm headphone jack.