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Slow Older IPhones Event Escalation: The U.S. Government Began Investigating Apple Feb 02, 2018

On the "Slow Older iPhones" incident, although Apple has made a series of remedial measures, but the incident is far from over. According to Bloomberg News, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating Apple Inc. to determine whether the software law has violated the Securities Act. These software updates led to the slowdown of older iPhones.

Apple "Slow Older iPhones" after the incident was disclosed, there is a burst of questions Apple control the old iPhone to slow down, there is a suspicion of forced users to renew. As Apple, a lack of transparency, many consumers around the world are launching class actions one after another. Apple subsequently apologized in a statement on its official website, saying that it acknowledged that the iPhone would indeed be down-converted in the event of a battery aging, but denied that it would force users to renew their phones, saying that the down-conversion only aims to prevent unplanned shutdowns caused by aging batteries.

Apple also gave a series of remedial measures: replacement of the battery dropped to $ 29, released iOS software updates to allow users to understand the health of the iPhone battery, given the switch allows users to decide whether to down.

However, a considerable part of consumers do not seem to pay for the class action has not stopped, South Korea, France and other government agencies also conducted a survey of Apple Inc., the domestic Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee also asked Apple on the incident Reply. The latest disclosure of the U.S. government's investigation is currently in its infancy and it is unclear whether there will be any substantive progress.