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The First Quarter Of 2018 US Smart Phone Market Report: Samsung Activation Rate 39% Apple 31% Apr 24, 2018

According to a report released on April 19th by the technology blog 9to5mac, CIRP: a new report released by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, said that in the first quarter of 2018, the US smartphone market, Samsung’s products easily took the top position in the market, while the Apple iPhone took Its loyalty continues to stay ahead.

The report shows that in this year's Q1 US smart phone market, Samsung’s mobile phone activation rate reached 39%, Apple’s share of the second place was 31%; but in terms of customer loyalty, Apple still remained far ahead, with 90% of iPhone users updating. When it comes to mobile phones, they have chosen another iPhone and still love Apple products.

It is noteworthy that compared with the 2017 holiday season (Q4), Apple's role has reversed this year, when Apple's iPhone new product activation rate reached 40%; Samsung's active market share was 32%, ranking second.

CIRP pointed out that the two companies' data were reversed and related to their new listing plan: Apple released the new iphone before the holiday shopping season last year, and Samsung released a new flagship product earlier this year. “Like most quarters, Samsung’s product has the largest share of activation rate,” said Josh Lowitz, partner and co-founder of CIRP. “Of course, these shares are affected by seasonality and product launch times.”

Talking about brand loyalty, Mike Levin, partner and co-founder of CIRP, said, “With the long-term gains in the operating system field, we have seen more and more brands have a high degree of user loyalty. Apple users The brand has always maintained its loyalty, with 80-90% of customers choosing another iPhone when upgrading their products."

“Now, we are also seeing other brand loyalty is also greatly increased. In the past five quarters, Samsung, LG and Motorola products have increased the loyalty, such as Samsung's customer loyalty last year reached 70%. Levin added.

The latest data from CIRP is based on an investigation of 500 active smartphone users in the United States.