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The Truth About Mobile Charger Battery Explosion: How To Safely Use Our Phone Nov 18, 2017

Under what circumstances the phone would explode? Why cell phone accident would happen while charging?

We have do a entity test about the situation that might cause cell phone mobile charger battery burning into fire. 

1.Experiment one: short circuit

After the mobile charger battery pole is short-circuited, quickly open flame appears and is burn out. If the pole piece is not burn out, while the short circuit continues, then the battery will expand, smoke, burn ...

2.Experiment two: mobile charger battery is bended

If the mobile charger battery is excessively bended, the battery would expand and smoke, because it has short circuit inside. Thinking of the phone with big screen – if being bended, there will be dangerous as well.

3.Experiment three: mobile charger battery is punctured

Once the mobile charger battery is punctured, immediately short-circuit effect occur, the battery immediately expand and smoke!

4.Experiment four: over charge

Imitate the situation of over charge with the power supply. After 15 minutes’ power supply at 5 volts, the mobile charger battery begins to expand, then there is leakage of electrolyte – the liquid having high temperature and strong corrosivity.  After continuous overcharge, instantly the battery burn into fire and explode.

Mobile charger battery explosion caused by overcharging has the longest incubation period in the above four experiments, and has the most serious consequence. We can imagine such a sudden explosion can cause how serious consequence. 

"Cell phone batteries do not explode at any time."

The source cause of cell phone danger lies in the mobile charger battery. In the above four experiments, we use non-protective plate battery cells, while the phones we use  everyday have the function of overcharge prevention. In daily use, the probability of cell phone explosion is minimal. Usually we do not have to worry too much while playing our mobile phones.

Some phones would get hot while charging. This is because that the output of the charger is 5V and the mobile charger battery input is generally 3V-4V. The heat generated by the power loss during charging is scattered on the mobile phone, thus the mobile phone heats up.

Charging with a mobile power is also the same, especially when you use some unqualified mobile powers. We’d better choose those which have quality guarantee. For example, Shenzhen Wanshuntong Science & Technology, having supplying mobile power and phone mobile charger battery for 18 years, it has been the representative of high quality and top service. Never take risk of your safety. 

If you use mobile phones while charging, making phone calls and playing games for example, such huge power consumption activity would cause considerable energy consumption in the mobile charger battery internal resistance, which would also make the mobile phone produce more heat. 

"The key is to use reliable charger and wire"

The original charger has reliable quality, and its output voltage is more suitable to cell phone. We cannot indiscriminately buy cheap products, it not only is prone to have voltage fluctuations during charging, and it may cause huge heat release or short circuit, and even more serious consequences.