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Well-known Media: Apple Retail IPhone Battery Explosion Or Replacement Short Circuit Caused By Bending The Battery Jan 16, 2018

January 15 news, last week, Apple retail store has occurred in succession two iPhone battery explosion, which together resulted in seven injuries, but so far, Apple has not announced the cause of the battery explosion, but well-known media recently reported Said the iPhone battery explosion or battery replacement caused by battery bending, resulting in short circuit.


Two iPhone battery explosions at Apple's retail outlets took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, last Tuesday and a battery explosion at an Apple retail store in Zurich on Tuesday wounding seven people, including maintenance workers, the day after the Spanish coastal cities of southeastern Europe There was another iPhone battery explosion at Apple Retail in Calle Colón, Columbus Avenue in Valencia, but fortunately no injuries were caused. Both iPhone battery explosion caused the smog in Apple retail stores, but also alerted local firefighters.

So far, Apple has not announced the two Apple retail outlets iPhone battery explosion, but from the foreign media reports, the two iPhone batteries explode or replace the battery when the battery is bent, resulting in a short circuit and caused explosion.

Well-known media reported in the report of DIY enthusiasts (Andrew Phan) for the four iPhone 6 battery replacement experience, when he replaced the battery for the iPhone almost caused the iPhone battery explosion.

Andrew Pan said that iPhone batteries are tape fixed, when he tried to remove one of the iPhone's battery from the bottom of the tape, the battery bent and short-circuited, followed by sparks and smoke, he quickly removed the battery And throw it into the water.

Although the battery generated during the removal of sparks and smog, did not explode before thrown into the water, but Andrew Pen's experience shows that the Apple cell phone store iPhone explosion occurred in the battery may be due to battery replacement process Bending and then short circuit caused by the Swiss Apple Zurich Apple retail store occurred in the iPhone battery explosion accident occurred when the store staff trying to repair.

After the downgrade event, Apple reduced the cost of replacing the old iPhone that was affected by the slowdown, including the iPhone 6 and its predecessors, and the cost of replacing the battery dropped from US $ 79 to US $ 29, qualifying Of the models have a $ 29 replacement battery by December 31, 2018.

Apple has reduced the cost of replacing the old iPhone battery, also led to a large number of old iPhone users choose to replace the battery, has resulted in the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus alternative battery supply is tight, some countries and regions, iPhone 6 Plus is about to Replacement batteries will be available for replacement by the end of March, and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus will also need to wait for two weeks in some countries.

The cost of replacing old iPhones with the old ones, in addition to the tight supply of alternative iPhones to some iPhones, has also led to an increase in the workload of retail maintainers as a large number of consumers have gone to retail stores to change batteries.

Although it is not clear how many consumers choose to replace the iPhone's battery, Apple retail stores have also expedited battery replacement because of a substantial increase in battery replacement consumers, and if they replace the battery at a very fast pace, There will be Andrew Pen encountered the battery bent resulting in a short circuit, then the battery exploded.

However, the battery short circuit caused the iPhone battery explosion bending short circuit, but the well-known media given Apple retail iPhone battery explosion a more reasonable explanation, as the real cause of the battery explosion, but also need to go through the investigation.


In order to avoid this situation, it is recommended that IPHONE users who need battery replacement recently are not able to queue up quickly in the Apple retail store. They can purchase WST replacement batteries and find an experienced and qualified repair shop for battery replacement.