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WST Began A New Round Of Learning Jun 04, 2018

The average life span of Chinese private enterprises is only 3.2 years. 60% of private enterprises went bankrupt within 5 years, 85% died within 10 years, and the average life span of enterprises with more than 10 million turnover was only 7 years.

In China, 1 million companies go out of business each year, while 20% are at a loss. On average, 2,739 companies go out of business every day. On average, 2 companies fail every minute.

This is not alarmism. We also believe that WST will not fall easily!

In times of danger, WST has always been a company that maintains “hunger hunger” and is unwilling to stand still. It is clear that it is not only the growth of business resources but also the increase of management level after the company’s chairman Yang. Under the leadership of General Manager Huang Zong, we resolutely and decisively invested in the “reinvention” and “self-value-added” learning.

We are grateful for the advanced experience brought by Zhihe Business School and are willing to accept WST to enter the growth entrepreneurship ecosystem of Zhihehui.

On May 31, 2018, on the day before 6.1 Children's Day, all of WST's colleagues unloaded the armor of an adult and recovered the heart of the child and began a new round of learning.






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