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WST Passed The New CHINA Standard Certification Of Power Bank! Aug 01, 2018

China's recommended national standard GB/T 35590-2017 "Information technology-General specification for portable digital eqipments used power bank" was officially implemented on July 1, 2018.

The standard was jointly issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China and the China National Standardization Administration, and was developed and organized by the China Electronics Standardization Institute (Caixi, CESI). The technical requirements, test methods, quality assessment procedures, and marking, packaging, transportation, and storage of power banks for portable digital devices are specified. Especially for the provisions of rated capacity, rated energy, environmental adaptability and safety, it will provide a more accurate technical basis for subsequent product design and development, supervision and spot check and transportation identification.

On July 29, 2018, the AQSIQ and Guangdong Quality Supervision Bureau (GDQTS) statutory inspection and certification body - Guangdong Quality Inspection Institute announced the list of new national standard power bank enterprises, WST ranked "power bank compliance" The enterprise has passed the new national standard certification of GB/T 35590-2017 power bank.

Nowadays, our life is inseparable from the power bank, whether it is to go to work or go out to play, will carry it with you. Due to the long-term lack of national standards for power banks, many black-hearted businesses have been able to take advantage of them. The power bank has been born for nearly 10 years. The market is still full of a lot of cottages, using counterfeit batteries, and lacking the most basic protection of power banks. Bank not only does not function as an emergency charge, but also has serious safety hazards.

The new Chinese standard of the power bank to be implemented has detailed regulations on the appearance, capacity, cycle number and safety performance of the power bank products. The inferior power bank has no place to go.

WST passed the inspection of the new national standard, including a cute dual-output 10000mAhpower bank (model WP937), the power bank has now exceeded 100,000 shipments worldwide, and the quality and safety can withstand The market has become a charging product that is very popular among users.

From the production of the first power bank products in 2011 to the well-known international power bank market, WST witnessed the industry from germination to maturity. Over the years, WST has actively referenced the latest power bank standards, and has always been able to bring a healthier market environment to the industry, further protect consumer rights and lead the development of the power bank industry.

Eighteen years of persistence, only for quality. For WST, the acquisition of the new national standard “power bank compliance enterprise” is only the beginning of fulfilling its quality commitment. WST will always take "quality is the most important" as the business philosophy. From product design, product materials, product performance to product technology, we are striving for perfection and excellence, and strive to present high-quality digital accessories for consumers and build customers' trust. International brand.