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WST Power Bank,make You Grinding Fortnite! Mar 26, 2018

In just a few days after the launch of "Fortite," the mobile game version of "Fortite," it has already topped over 100 iOS and US homepages for iOS downloads, and has won the #2 eye-catching performance in the UK and US. According to the latest forecast of Sensor Tower, Fortnite has already obtained more than 1.5 million US dollars in the global iOS platform through in-app purchases. It can be seen that this hot IP mobile game version shows not only the fans' appeal but also the strong ability to attract gold.

Sensor Tower also stated that more than US$1 million of this $1.5 million was reached within three days of game landing on iOS – this is only after the development of a limited-edition beta and only after Epic Games has fully developed the game. Perhaps it will be even more surprising performance. At the same time, compared to the other two games listed in the same period, Fortnite’s revenue has more than doubled 25 times than the other two games during the first 4 days of the three games’ open-in-house purchase.

"Fortite" has already opened a certain gap with "PUBG". Thanks to the deep binding with the anchor, "Ftnite" has become more and more popular in the United States. Even many artists and athletes have become loyal fans: rappers. Drake and popular anchor Ninjia live in double rows. NBA star Drummond said that he has occupied too much of this game.

In addition to the early implementation of the mobile game version, Fortnite also broke the record of the largest number of Twitch independent channels yesterday. The well-known game anchor Ninja and the famous Canadian rap artist Drake played live with "Fortite," which attracted a large audience. After Drake with 36.9 million fans released Twitter, the number of viewers was skyrocketing and eventually exceeded 600,000. Behind the game was the addition of Travis Scott, a rap artist, and Juju Smith, an NFL player, which also caused a lot of reactions on the Internet.

With the increase in the game time of "Fortite" in Apple's mobile phone, many players began to encounter the issue of insufficient battery power.

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