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WST Summer Struggle, Opened By A Hot Barbecue May 21, 2018

After the May 1 holiday, in order to activate the corporate team atmosphere and enhance the communication and exchanges between employees, under the leadership of General Manager Yang and Huang Zong, the heads of all departments of the company worked closely together. In the afternoon of May 19th, in the beautiful Guangzhou Panyu Dafushan held an unforgettable barbecue event for all employees. The atmosphere of the event was very enthusiastic. Every colleague was full of energy and was full of enthusiasm.

In May, the Guangzhou's mountain has entered the summer season. It is full of flowers and sunshine. The water ripples in the lake and the blue sky, white clouds, and lush trees are mapped in the waves. Before the start of the barbecue activity, the business team held a summary of the work in the first quarter of 2018, and also commended the outstanding employees in the first quarter. It also celebrated birthday celebrations with all of them. All of them were high-spirited, and time passed quickly through the laughter.

In the next four hours, the five teams have successively “eliminated” a series of elaborately prepared foods such as grilled meat, vegetables, and fruits.



Outside of the barbecue, colleagues spontaneously organized basketball matches, table tennis matches, and tug-of-war competitions.

After a short break, the climax of the event was ushered in. Wanshuntong Guangzhou Office took a photo of the group and made the event a beautiful memory. Through this activity, the cognition among the new and old colleagues in different office departments has increased a lot. This has not only enhanced the intimacy between employees, but also allowed long-term business colleagues who are struggling on the front lines to relax in stressful work. , to create a united, friendly, uplifting spirit.