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Power Bank

  • External Battery Pack

    External Battery Pack

    This is a must for any iPhone owner, for it charges iphone super quick and can take with you in case iphone dies mid day but you still need it. Being a contractor and always need phone, whether playing music on it, or looking up product info, or talking to a customer. Your...

  • Usb C Portable Charger

    Usb C Portable Charger

    WST 10000mAh usb c portable charger inherits the excellent bloodlines of WST mobile power family, and achieves an excellent balance of volume, capacity, performance, feel and value: CNC chamfer plus anodizing process is rigid and soft,

  • Phone Battery Pack

    Phone Battery Pack

    WST-DP622 fix Android(mrico usb &usb-c) and iPhone. It's perfect for girlfriend and boyfriend who she has an iPhone and he use an Android. They used to have to carry around 2 different batteries when went out, but now she just puts this phone battery pack in her bag...

  • Qi Wireless Charging

    Qi Wireless Charging

    Wireless chargers have entered the stage of white-hot, various products emerge in an endless stream, PC shells, metal wire-drawing shells, imitation cloth shells, etc., a variety of products, enriching the wireless charging market, users have more and more choices. Today, I...

  • USB Battery Pack

    USB Battery Pack

    Awesome power bank. It's rather leel good compared to some of the other power banks, but its capacity is enough higher. Can charged phone several times, an ipad, etc, without having to recharge. It holds a ton of juice. The flashlight LED is nice to have as well, count on...

  • Battery Pack

    Battery Pack

    This charger is as slim and as wide as an iPhone, but not as long, and only weighs 232g, meaning it is genuinely pocket friendly. It’s an especially good charger for iPhones, as it has an in-built cable and comes, rather generously for the price, with two lightning adapters,...

  • Battery Pack Charger

    Battery Pack Charger

    The WP926 is the second generation of its own line of mobile power under the WST brand. Compared to the first-generation DP612, the WP926 has been greatly improved in many aspects such as visual design, performance planning, and user experience.

  • Power Bank 10400mah

    Power Bank 10400mah

    Introduced for everyone is a WST-OL03 mobile power supply, this mobile power supply is characterized by a high capacity of 10400mAh, large output, stylish, supports two-way fast charge, easily meet the needs of users. Bringing it around is equivalent to carrying an energy...

  • Battery Charger

    Battery Charger

    Playing mobile phones without electricity is a headache, but fortunately we have a battery charger. It has become a habit to play with a battery charger. The mobile phone needs us to choose a good one, and the battery charger needs to choose the right one. Introduce a WST...

  • Power Charger

    Power Charger

    This has an excellent capacity of 16,000mAh, which should give your iPhone X, for example, around four full charges, bearing in mind efficiency. Two USB ports give 2.4A output individually, or can combine for a speedy 3.4A, so it’s good for charging multiple devices at once....

  • USB Battery

    USB Battery

    Whether you’re looking for a high capacity battery, slim design, lots of ports or something that can charge up both your phone and your laptop at the same time, we’ve got you covered.

  • Best Portable Charger For Iphone

    Best Portable Charger For Iphone

    WST is one of the biggest, most reliable portable charger brands in earth, and this product is among its most popular. The tiny, handbag design measures 13mm, so it’ll easily fit into a trouser pocket, and with a weight of 178g, it’s imperceptible when flung into a backpack.

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Find quality and eco-friendly power bank made in China with WST which is one of the professional battery manufacturers and suppliers in China. All power bank products offered in our factory have passed CE, FCC, MSDS BIS certification. Please rest assured to buy.