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20000mah Power Bank

20000mah power bank: 1.To charge digital devices: Simply use the matched USB cable to charge digital products. One end of the USB cable connect with the "OUT" port of the power bank, another end connect with the...

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promotional gifts SGS UN38.3 M20 20000mah

20000mah Power Bank

Instruction OF 20000mah power bank:

To charge digital devices: Simply use the matched USB cable to charge digital products. One end of the USB cable connect with the "OUT" port of the power bank, another end connect with the digital product with converted tip,it will start to charge.
To charge power bank : Use USB cable with Micro connector to charge power bank, the "IN" port is the charging port of power bank. You can charge power bank from adapter's USB or charging from computer's USB.
When LED is red that means power bank is charging.

Presentation of 20000mah power bank:

1. promotional gifts SGS UN38.3 M20 20000mah.
2. High output up to 5V, maximum 2.1A, minimum 1A.
3. LED indicator showing percentage of power being charged
4. Allows Dual USB devices to charge at the same time
5. Super protection function: Core intelligent protection, overcharge protection, discharge protection, leakage protection.
6. High power conversion efficiency: far higher than similar products.
7. Press the button while start charging devices (button is for start charging only while unplug cable for stop charging)
8. Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter.
9. Fit : for iPad / for iPhone / for iTouch / for iPod / for GPS / for PDA / for PSP / for Camera / Mobile phone(for Nokia,for Samsung,for Sony Ericsson etc) MP3/MP4 players / USB music speaker / Bluetooth products / USB AA/AAA battery charger.
10. Long service life, more than 800 times the charging and discharging.
11. The lithium-ion polymer, long service life,more safety.
12. After 72 hours aging test, the product performance is stable.
13. The metal scrub process, look more fashion, more wear resisting.

Product Pictures of 20000mah power bank:

20000mah Power Bank20000mah Power Bank20000mah Power Bank20000mah Power Bank

Maintenance&Caution of 20000mah power bank
1. please stop using when the battery bloating, leaking and having peculiar smell.
2. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble, or remove the product and throw into the fire or water.
3. Do not use rough chemicals to clean the product, such as soap or detergent.
4. Please keep the products stored in a dry place, away from moisture and corrosion materials.
5. Please keep the product away from damp, heat and fire.
6. When all the indicator lights are on, please pull out the plug to avoid over charging and damaging the battery.
7. If long time not to use this product, please charge one time every three months at least.

20000mah Power Bank20000mah Power Bank

20000mah Power Bank

Packaging & Shipping of 20000mah power bank

20000mah Power Bank

20000mah Power Bank20000mah Power Bank20000mah Power Bank

Why choosing us?
1,Wanshuntong factory was established in 2004, we have been doing OEM business with MI, OPPO, Huawei etc. for yeas.
2,We have3 manufacture bases in China(150,000 square meters), 400 works, Production capacity over 10 million pcs/day, 200 R & D guys.
3,We have 10 production lines, 50,000pcs power bank per day, 80,000pcs chargers perday.
4, Factory has passed a series of quality assurance and management system.
5,RoHS compliance, owned SMT, Molding Room, Injection room, Cable workshop, AI workshop etc.
6,Wanshuntong product selling hot in China, America, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Spain, Japan, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, etc.

20000mah Power Bank

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