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Li-Polymer Power Bank

  • Power Charger

    Power Charger

    This has an excellent capacity of 16,000mAh, which should give your iPhone X, for example, around four full charges, bearing in mind efficiency. Two USB ports give 2.4A output individually, or can combine for a speedy 3.4A, so it’s good for charging multiple devices at once....

  • Best Portable Charger For Iphone

    Best Portable Charger For Iphone

    WST is one of the biggest, most reliable portable charger brands in earth, and this product is among its most popular. The tiny, handbag design measures 13mm, so it’ll easily fit into a trouser pocket, and with a weight of 178g, it’s imperceptible when flung into a backpack.

  • Portable Usb Charger

    Portable Usb Charger

    The mobile power is simple and fresh in color and compact in size. Tiffany Blue color is suitable for girls and can be used as a gift to present relatives and friends. The volume is lighter and weighs 170g, making it easier to carry around. With a nominal battery capacity of...

  • Mobile Charger

    Mobile Charger

    The mobile charger model is compact and exquisite, and the rubber paint body is comfortable and delicate, can prevent sweat and corrosion, and can form good protection for internal components. The color is fashionable and fresh. Users can choose according to their own...

  • Portable Iphone Charger

    Portable Iphone Charger

    Portable Mini size (0.5*5.5*2.8 inches) but high capacity 8000mAh External Battery Backup Charger. Portable carry-on, providing enough juice to your weeklong easy life, convenient for working, traveling, flights, business trips.

  • Portable Mobile Charger

    Portable Mobile Charger

    If you only want the smaller the better, then this power bank is for you.

  • Best Portable Phone Charger

    Best Portable Phone Charger

    When you are chatting with friends in cafes and other places, when you have low battery power, it is very difficult for a cheap powerbank to be charged. It is not appropriate for the environment to be charged. Introduction of best portable phone charger: Therefore, we need a...

  • Wholesale Portable Power Bank

    Wholesale Portable Power Bank

    Wholesale Portable power bank Introduction : Install two American IR chips on the motherboard, using a 4-layer motherboard and parallel design, significantly reducing losses, resulting in smaller resistance, so that the motherboard withstand greater current and voltage, to...

  • Apple Power Bank

    Apple Power Bank

    Any questions pls feel free to contact with me : whatsapp : +86 13570343921 1. Main Features of apple power bank : 1.High capacity and high compatible with flash light 2.Durable, ultra slim design 3.Powerful with long operation time 4.Electricity-saving function 5.User...

  • Portable Power Bank 20000mAh

    Portable Power Bank 20000mAh

    About WST WST, Inventor of replacement mobile battery in 1997, is a smart technology provider with leading global sales to over 400 million cusotmers. For more than twenty years, WST, known for its stable performance and user-friendly designs, has provided satisfying products...

  • Power Bank Best Buy

    Power Bank Best Buy

    The vision of a better life, that life is a color, is a passionate, tasteful and respectable. People-oriented, technological innovation, integration into life to create outstanding and trustworthy products, each breakthrough brings new surprises, bit by bit changes, so that...

  • Powerbank 20000mah

    Powerbank 20000mah

    In this smart era, more and more intelligent products have changed our lives. Everyone will be more or less the use of these electronic smart products, such as smart phones, sports smart watches, Bluetooth headsets, these electronic products have a common intelligence is lack...

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Find quality and eco-friendly Li-polymer power bank made in China with WST which is one of the professional battery manufacturers and suppliers in China. All Li-polymer power bank products offered in our factory have passed CE, FCC, MSDS BIS certification. Please rest assured to buy.