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  • Usb Charging Station

    Usb Charging Station

    There are three scenarios for the usb charging station. One is a large scene of cabinets, mainly in large shopping malls, mainly in large cabinets; one is a small scene of cabinets, mainly in restaurants, bars, cafes, etc., mainly small cabinets and small cabinets for...

  • Charging Station

    Charging Station

    In the store, two mass mobile phones are about to lose power. One of them not only borrowed a charging treasure through the device, and did not need to use their own data cable. Very convenient. In addition, it can be returned in other places after borrowing, and it also...

  • Charger Station

    Charger Station

    Of all the charger stations and USB hubs out there, the WST charger station is the best one for most people with its ability to quickly charge 8 devices. If you have a lot of devices or a big family, charging everything up each day can get out of hand real quick. You end up...

  • Cheapest Power Bank

    Cheapest Power Bank

    Shenzhen Wanshuntong Technology Co., Ltd. (WST) is a leading design and sales company in China for power management and charging. It specializes in the design, production and sales of various power management and power charging. Introduction of cheapest power bank: The WST...

  • Qi Wireless Charging

    Qi Wireless Charging

    Wireless chargers have entered the stage of white-hot, various products emerge in an endless stream, PC shells, metal wire-drawing shells, imitation cloth shells, etc., a variety of products, enriching the wireless charging market, users have more and more choices. Today, I...

  • Battery Pack

    Battery Pack

    This charger is as slim and as wide as an iPhone, but not as long, and only weighs 232g, meaning it is genuinely pocket friendly. It’s an especially good charger for iPhones, as it has an in-built cable and comes, rather generously for the price, with two lightning adapters,...

  • Smallest Power Bank

    Smallest Power Bank

    We are one of the largest battery producers in China, a national hi-tech enterprise and a leading battery company in China. Brand of electronic equipment.

  • Apple Phone Battery

    Apple Phone Battery

    Apple phone battery Introduction : WST introduced iPhone built-in battery, the battery uses lithium-ion polymer batteries, colloidal electrolytes, smooth discharge, safe and reliable. Each battery has to undergo a rigorous test, charging and discharging the number of valid up...

  • Replacement Phone Batteries

    Replacement Phone Batteries

    WST new research and development of high-capacity upgrade version of the battery, high-density batteries to strengthen, in the case of the same battery to achieve higher capacity. In addition the battery uses silicon anode, lithium polymer battery and...

  • Mobile Phone Batteries

    Mobile Phone Batteries

    Mobile phone batteries Introduction : WST mobile phone batteries has the core advantages: the ceramic diaphragm can reduce the thickness and increase performance; the United States Ti imported original IC, bringing high-quality IC conversion rate, giving you more real large...

  • Cell Phone Batteries

    Cell Phone Batteries

    Introduction of cell phone batteries: This battery is a new equipment by introducing the latest technologies of high capacity from Amprius American. The IC in this battery is a new equipment by introducing the latest technologies of high degree of matching from Texas...

  • Samsung S4 Battery Replacement

    Samsung S4 Battery Replacement

    Products advantages: (1) Our own brand : WST. (2) Can produce different grades for you. The best quality is WST Its Capacity is higher than original 50-200mAh. Quality is best. (3) New models be updated fast. Every month at least 10 models.

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